Jeep JL Roof Top Tent Guide: Top 5 Picks

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If you are looking to take your Jeep camping and road-tripping experience to the next level, then you’ve definitely come to the right place, because in today’s article we’ll be taking a look at some of the top Jeep JL roof top tents. 

Roof top tents have many advantages and benefits compared to traditional camping methods, and in many cases can be considered as a luxurious way of camping and a convenient way of traveling when on the road. 

A few of these benefits include enjoying the ability to sleep on a level and secure platform off the ground, away from any dangers or nuances lurking on the earth’s surface no matter where you are, saving space in your vehicle by having your tent and sleeping gear on top of the roof, and the fact that you can usually easily set up camp in less than 5 minutes.

Roof top tent mounting on the Jeep Wrangler JL.

Before we can get to some of the top roof top tents for your Jeep JL we must first take a look at your mounting options and give you some guidelines to work from to maximize your camping experience and traveling safety.

To mount a roof top tent to your Jeep JL, you’ll first require a roof rack or bar system, just as with any other vehicle. 

If you already have a roof rack system installed you will need to check the specifications on that rack system to see what amount of dynamic and static weight it can support but more about this in just a second.

For those of you who do not yet have a roof rack system installed, you have a little more room to play with as you can choose a system that will be able to support your desired roof top tent. 

That said, back to dynamic and static weight, which is a very important factor to consider.

Dynamic weight: This refers to the amount of weight your vehicle can support on the roof while in motion. This is far less than static weight and will be determined by both your vehicle and the roof rack system you have installed.

Most large vehicles, such as the Jeep JL, can support a dynamic weight of 165 pounds. The weight of your roof top tent plus the weight of your roof load bars or rack system shouldn't go over this as it can cause interference with how your vehicle functions on the road.

Static weight: This refers to the weight that your vehicle can support on the roof when parked, that is to say out of motion. The static weight limit is usually much more than the dynamic weight limit with most racks being able to support more than 600Ibs.

You should make sure that your roof rack or railing system is strong enough to support the weight of the tent plus the weight of the campers inside to ensure that no damage occurs to the roof of your Jeep JL.

Here is a little video that will further explain loading capacity if you are still unsure or consider reading this article.

Top 5 Jeep JL Roof Top Tents.

Here are the best Jeep JL roof top tents-

1. iKamper Skycamp Mini Roof Top Tent.

Featuring a slim and compact design with a light weight of only 125Ibs, the iKamper Skycamp Mini is perfect for mounting to your Jeep JL. The Skycamp Mini can sleep 2 adults and has a quick and convenient setup time of only 1 minute, ensuring easy camp setup wherever you are.

This tent features a compact and expandable hardshell design, allowing for a spacious interior while ensuring that you can easily mount it to the roof of your Jeep JL. 

The outer shell is built from a tough exterior and covered in a scratch resistant coating ensuring that your tent stays in mint shape year round. Furthemore, the outer shell features an aerodynamic design, has a dual layer construction for added strength, and is insulated on the inside making it both soundproof as well as condensation resistant. 

What’s more is that there are 2 outer shell options to pick from namely black or rocky black enabling some personalization to your roof top tent. Additionally, the outer shell can be locked with the custom stainless steel locks that are built in, making sure that your tent stays safely secured inside at all times.

For the external design of the actual tent we’ll find that it sits on a super strong honeycomb aluminum floor capable of supporting 1.8 tons of weight. The tent is made from 300GSM poly-cotton which is one of the most premium tent fabrics on the market and also one of the reasons why iKamper roof top tents are so highly respected- they are pure quality.

On the inside you’ll locate a comfortable memory foam mattress and you’ll also notice that the entire tent is lined with insulation to increase warmth on those cold nights as well as to keep condensation inside to a minimum.

Overall, this is easily one of the best roof top tents for your Jeep JL. It’s lightweight, spacious, and very high quality ensuring that you have a great camping experience and also making installation very easy.

If this roof top tent is a bit small for you consider the iKamper X-Cover, it weighs a total of 120Ibs and can sleep 3 adults. The downside, however, is that it isn’t a hardhsell tent like the Skycamp Mini we just discussed.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

2. Roofnest Sparrow Eye Roof Top Tent.

The Roofnest Sparrow Eye roof top tent is another awesome and high-quality roof top tent that will perfectly fit your Jeep JL. 

A big benefit of getting a Roofnest tent with your Jeep JL is the fact that you can purchase the Roofnest SMS Jeep Roof Rack which is specifically made for the Jeep JL and will make mounting your Roofnest Sparrow Eye feel like a breeze.

This roof top tent comes in at a weight of 130Ibs, which is slightly heavier than the iKamper but at the same time it’s a little more compact height wise. It also sleeps 2 adults inside and features a hardshell design that can be set up in no time.

While traveling or not in use the Roofnest Sparrow Eye is safely secured in an ABS-fiberglass outer shell designed to cut down on noise as well as to maximize aerodynamics for optimal fuel consumption when on the road. 

The Sparrow Eye roof top tent sits on the lower shell which features a slightly differently engineered shape to increase the structural strength of the tent, enabling it to support up to 650Ibs inside.

Your tent is constructed from a quality polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend with a 3000mm waterproof rating and an interior insulation layer, you’ll also receive a highly comfortable 7cm foam mattress ensuring that you sleep soundly on the coldest nights or during rough storms. 

For admiring the view around you there are 2 windows both featuring a canvas and mesh zip closure and for entry you have a large doorway that can be turned into a small awning with the poles that are included with your tent. 

The doorway can be accessed via the 8.5’ telescoping ladder. This is one of the tallest and most high-quality ladders that comes with any roof top tent out there. It can also be stored away in its own heavy duty storage bag and attached to the edge of your Roofnest tent. 

All said and done, this is a great roof top tent for your Jeep JL. I really like the fact that Roofnest designs its own roof rack system which can perfectly accommodate this roof top tent (or any other roofnest tent) on your Jeep JL without the need of drilling or making manual adjustments to your roof rack or load bars.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

3. Raptor Series 100000-126800 Roof Top Tent.

The Raptor Series Voyager Roof Top Tent is a relatively compact roof top tent that will nicely fit your Jeep JL. This roof top tent weighs 159Ibs and can sleep 2 full-sized adults which is slightly less than some of the bigger options mentioned above.

Now you might be wondering why would I want to get this roof top tent when other options such as the iKamper Skycamp and Roofnest Falcon XL are only 1Ib heavier, more spacious, and more compact?

The simple answer is pricing, although those tents offer more in terms of space, features, and build quality they are priced quite high (which makes sense). The Raptor Series Voyager on the other hand has a much lower and more affordable price while still packing good value.

Don’t get me wrong, if you can afford an iKamper or Roofnest, I’d definitely recommended it, but if those tents don’t fall in your budget range, then this is the next best thing. 

Getting to the design of the Raptor Series Voyager roof top tent we’ll see that it features a soft shell design with the tent being constructed from a high-quality and durable polycotton fabric designed to withstand the elements.

The tent features easy and quick set-up and can be accessed via the 8 foot heavy duty telescoping aluminum ladder which will lead into a large doorway entry that can be zipped closed and also has a mesh layer in between to allow for air ventilation when relaxing inside.

The tent features 2 small side windows and a zippable back window allowing you to see all around you while inside. For sleeping you receive a double foam mattress. 

Something I really like about this roof top tent is the outer shape. The tent is aerodynamically engineered with smart sloping curves which will help to shed rain as well as withstand heavy winds and stormy conditions. This roof top tent also creates a natural awing when unfolded.

In terms of storage you have 2 hanging shoe and storage pockets that can easily be folded away. Inside there are adjustable air vents and plenty of space to rest and keep additional gear with the tent being able to support up to 750Ibs of weight inside.

When everything is said and done you can fold your tent down and secure it in its heavy duty cover which will keep it safely stored away and protected.

All in all, a really solid roof top tent for the price. Maybe not the biggest, but if space isn’t an issue then I highly recommend this tent.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

4. Silverwing SWT80S Roof Top Tent.

The Silverwing SWT80S is one of those simple and easy to use roof top tents that just makes your camping trip very easy and relaxing. Coming in at a super low weight of only 90Ibs this roof top tent is by far the best in its class. 

It’s roomy interior can sleep 2 full sized adults and also has space for their camping gear. The tent is supported on a reinforced base and features a static weight capacity of 550Ibs which should be more than enough for the majority of campers. 

The exterior of the Silverwing SWT80S features a soft shell design, which can take slightly longer to set up and isn’t as wind resistant as hardshell roof top tents but considering the price and light design of this tent, that is completely reasonable. 

The fabric of the tent is quality 600D polyester and it also comes with an additional 420D rain fly for stormy weather conditions. This roof top tent takes roughly 5 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to take down, which definitely isn’t the fastest that I’ve seen but nonetheless I think those are very acceptable times.

For accessing the tent you receive a collapsible aluminum ladder while on the inside you'll find a comfortable 2” foam mattress and 2 storage pockets to keep additional gear. Furthermore, there are 3 large mesh windows for enjoying the nature around you.

All in all, this is a great roof top tent for the size, weight, and price. Mounting this tent on your Jeep JL will be no problem and will look very compact and neat.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

5. Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK Roof Top Tent.

Lastly we have the Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK Roof Top Tent. This is another roof top tent coming in at a nice and affordable price ensuring great value for money. This roof top tent is very lightweight and comes in at a weight of only 108Ibs ensuring that it can easily be installed on almost any Jeep JL roof rack. 

The tent itself is constructed from a high-quality 600D rip stop polyester canvas ensuring great insulation and protection in any weather condition. The tent also includes a 420D polyester oxford waterproof rain fly for additional protection in stormy weather.

With the Overland Vehicle Systems TMBK roof top tent you can be sure that you’ll always have a great view, this tent features three 110G breathable windows as well as a skylight window ensuring great views of the morning, evening, and night skies. 

The interior of the tent can be accessed through the 6 feet collapsible heavy-duty ladder. Once inside you can relax on the 60mm high-density foam mattress and store away any accessories in any one of the four 600D interior pouches located inside.

Overall, a very solid roof top tent with good features, a nice lightweight design, and a very affordable price.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-


The Jeep Wrangler JL is already a great off-road vehicle as it is with its large tires, 4 wheel drive capabilities, and a rigidly engineered body. By putting a roof top tent on this already magnificent machine you are sure to take your camping and road-tripping experiences to the next level.


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