Ford Raptor Roof Top Tent Guide: Top 5 Picks

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The Ford Raptor is already a monster of a machine as it is, now imagine mounting a roof top tent on it as well- it will be any person’s camping dream. That’s exactly why in today’s article we’ll be taking a look at some of the best roof top tents for your Ford Raptor. 

Roof top tents hold many benefits- quick and convenient setup that usually takes less than 5 minutes, a safe and secure platform up in the air to camp out, and no matter what the terrain or weather is like you’ll always have a comfortable and warm place to sleep and camp out.

Ford Raptor Roof Top Tent Mounting Options.

Unlike most other vehicles, the Ford Raptor allows for more mounting versatility due to the fact that it’s a truck. This also expands your options in terms of the roof top tents that you can mount on your Ford Raptor.

What I mean by this is the fact that trucks have 2 mounting positions- namely on top of the cab and on top of the cargo bed. 

Personally, I recommend mounting your roof top tent on top of the cargo bed if possible. This way it will out of the wind when driving meaning better fuel usage due to lower wind resistance and you’ll also be able to mount a heavier tent since the cargo bed can carry more weight than the cab roof. 

It is still, however, possible to mount a smaller roof top tent on the roof cab if that is what you prefer.

When deciding which roof top tent you want and where to mount it you should keep in mind that you'll have to stay within a certain weight capacity, namely within the dynamic- and static roof weight capacity of your vehicle.

The amount of weight you can load onto your vehicle will depend both on the type of vehicle, in our case the Ford Raptor, as well as the roof rack or railing system installed. Since the Ford Raptor is a truck you can also consider installing a truck rack if you are planning on mounting your tent on top of the cargo bed, which is recommended since you'll be able to use a heavier tent in that case.

Now, you might be asking what exactly is dynamic weight? Well, to briefly explain this there are 2 types of weights when it comes to vehicles. The first being dynamic weight which is the weight that the vehicle can support on top of it while in motion. The second is static weight which is how much the vehicle can support when parked.

Therefore, you’ll have to make sure that your roof rack is strong enough to support your tent's weight when driving (dynamic weight), plus any added weight from people sleeping in the tent as well as accessories when parked (static weight).

If your vehicle came with your manufacturer roof load bars you will probably need to check that they are strong enough to support your roof top tent both in terms of dynamic and static weight.

For more information about roof weight capacity read here.

Top 5 Ford Raptor Roof Top Tents.

Here are the 5 best Ford Raptor roof top tents-

1. Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam Roof Top Tent.

The Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam Roof Top Tent is one of the toughest, most high-quality roof top tents available and is perfect for fitting onto the cargo bed of your Ford Raptor. The Kukenam roof top weighs 172Ibs and can sleep up to 3 adults. 

In terms of design, the tent is constructed from high-quality, rip-stop 360G stitched fabric that is both watertight and wind-resistant. The entire tent is positioned on a diamond plate base and secured with heavy-duty 3-bolt hinges while being supported by a 3/4” heavy-duty internal frame which ensures maximal structural stability and strength.

The capabilities of this tent, however, doesn’t stop there on the inside you’ll locate 2 built-in sky panels that allow for a great view of the night and morning skies while enjoying the breeze of fresh air flowing through your tent.

In terms of comfort, the Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam tent also comes with a 2” foam mattress and 1/2″ anti-condensation mat ensuring a good night’s sleep under the stars. For storage, the tent features extra-large internal pockets, gear anchors points, as well as bedding straps. 

Overall, this is a great roof top tent for your Ford Raptor. It packs some great specifications, is designed from premium-grade materials, and comes in at a fair price. I recommend installing this tent on the cargo bed of your Ford Raptor as it is a heavier tent.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

2. Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Extended Roof Top Tent.

The Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Roof Top Tent is another great option to fit onto the cargo bed of your Ford Raptor. At 183Ibs this roof top tent packs a lot of features and space and can sleep up to 4 adults, making it one of the largest roof top tents available.

Additionally, the Nomadic 4 roof top tent has a very quick and convenient set-up time of 60 seconds or fewer thanks to its easy-to-use fold n’ go design, ensuring that you can set-up camp in no time and get straight to relaxing or exploring.

The roof top tent itself is designed from marine-grade 600D Rip-stop polyester cotton and also comes with a 420D polyester oxford rain fly. The entire roof top tent is secured on a heavy-duty diamond plate base and comes with a 1000G PVC travel cover to provide maximal protection to your tent when you are on the road. The tent also features heavy-duty velcro straps for safely securing it to your vehicle when not in use.

In terms of the interior, the tent has a large 110G breathable skylight window allowing you to enjoy the early morning sunrises or late night breeze. Furthermore, the Nomadic 4 roof top tent comes with a 3 inch high-density memory foam mattress, a large overhead storage loft, as well as a pair of shoe pouches.

You’ll also be able to enjoy excellent lighting with the 40” Leg light strip that comes along with your roof top tent.

All in all, I think this is a great tent for your Ford Raptor. It packs a ton of awesome features and is also very well priced for all of its capabilities. The recommended installation is on the cargo bed of your Ford Raptor.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

3. Silverwing SWT90 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent.

The Silverwing SWT90 Roof Top Tent is one of the best hard shell roof top tents available. This roof top tent sleeps up to 2 adults and comes in at a weight of only 150Ibs making it ideal for fitting on either the cab of your Ford Raptor or on the cargo bed- whichever you prefer. 

Set-up is very quick and convenient due to the fact that this is a hard shell roof top tent which simply has to fold up, instead of first having to be extended out and then lifted up. With this tent, you can have an expected set up time of only 1 minute, while the take down time is a slightly longer, yet still convenient 3 minutes.

In terms of the design of the tent, you can expect a roomy interior volume of 90 cubic feet which is more than enough to support 2 full-sized adults plus additional gear. While we are on the topic of the interior, you’ll also notice a large awing for entry, full zipper doors and windows with an additional mesh layer in between to keep insects out.

On the ceiling, you’ll find a large hanging storage net, 2 personal storage pockets for shoes and personal items, 2 extra metal hooks, and a comfortable 2.3” foam mattress for sleeping. 

The exterior of the tent is designed from water-resistant 600 Denier Oxford Fabric and the aerodynamic design of the tent also ensures for great fuel economy while on the road.

Overall, the Silverwing SWT90 Hard Shell Roof Top Tent is a very solid option for your Ford Raptor. This tent is definitely on the more pricey side of things but considering that it has a hard shell design, packs some great features, and is lightweight, I’d say the price is completely justified.

This roof top tent can be installed on the cab of your Ford Raptor if your load bars aren't too heavy.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

4. Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Top Tent.

If you are looking for a versatile and comfortable roof top tent capable of withstanding all types of weather conditions, then look no further than the Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Top Tent. This is a 4 season tent built to endure the elements of the season and climate, wherever you may be.

The Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Top Tent coming in at a weight of 190Ibs should preferably be mounted on the cargo bed of your Ford Raptor for maximum safety and stability when driving. This is quite a large and spacious tent capable of accommodating up to 4 adults.

The tent itself is designed from a600D rip-stop and 260G poly-cotton fabric blend ensuring optimal protection from the heaviest rain and winds. Additionally, the fabric is both UV and mold resistant as well as wind- and waterproof.

Furthermore, the interior features a spacious A-frame design allowing more than enough space to fully sit up and relax in the tent while enjoying the view from the large screened side windows. 

On the inside, you’ll also find 4 large internal pockets for storing your gear and camping accessories while you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep on the 2.5” high-density foam mattress.

All windows and doors feature no-see-um mosquito netting ensuring that you get a peaceful night’s sleep no matter how many insects are flying around outside. 

Another huge bonus is the fact that the Tepui Explorer Autana Roof Top Tent comes with a removable annex which further extends its space and camping capabilities. 

All in all, this is an excellent roof top tent coming in at a very decent price. The only downside is the higher weight range which might make mounting more complicated if you do not have the right roof rack or truck rack system installed. Once again, we recommended installing this roof top tent on the cargo bed of your Ford Raptor.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

5. Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent with Annex Room.

The Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent is a very popular option and also one of my personal favorite roof top tents. Personally, I think this roof top tent provides great value for money and has a very neat and sleek design while packing a bunch of extras.

The Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent features a lightweight design coming in at a weight of only 132Ibs and accommodating up to 2 adults. This makes the tent ideal for mounting either on top of your cab or cargo bed on your Ford Raptor.  

The tent itself is constructed from heavy-duty 280G cotton/poly fabric and comes with a 420D polyester/ oxford rain fly for stormy weather conditions. The Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent has been proven to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions including, winds, hail, snow, and even winds up to 70 miles per hour.

A durable 1000D PVC driving cover also comes along ensuring your tent stays protected and secure while traveling. 

A big bonus of the Tuff Stuff Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent is the fact that it also comes with an annex room large enough to accommodate an additional queen size mattress or small dining table and chairs. In total, the Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent provides nearly 100 square feet of space.

Likewise, most roof top tents, the Ranger Overland Roof Top Tent also comes with a thick and comfortable foam mattress pre-installed inside. Other bonuses include the universal mounting system as well as an exterior storage bag for keeping camping accessories like flashlights, shoes, and toiletries. 

Overall, this is an excellent roof top tent with a great design and an even better price. Also, due to the lower weight this roof top tent can easily be installed on your cab roof if desired.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-


Roof top tents are a great way to take your Ford Raptor camping experience to the next level. You no longer have to worry about harsh weather conditions, muddy or sloped terrains, or that big bear lurking outside your tent. 

Roof top tents will provide you with a unique camping experience and will ensure ultimate comfort and convenience wherever you are.


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