Dodge Ram Roof Top Tent Guide: Top 5 Picks

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The Dodge Ram is one of the signature American pick up trucks and makes for a great off-road vehicle. Put a roof top tent on it and it’s also a great camping and overlanding vehicle. There are a couple of variations of this pick-up truck with the most popular models including the Dodge Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and also the Ram 3500. 

All of these vehicles offer powerful engines, a neat and unique external design, and many other great features. There are, however, differences in size and features between models. This isn’t an issue, you just have to make sure that you have the right roof rack installed for your desired roof top tent depending on which Dodge Ram model you are driving.

This brings us to our next point, namely Dodge Ram roof top tent mounting options.

Dodge Ram Roof Top Tent Mounting Options.

Roof top tent mounting is a very important aspect to consider when purchasing a roof top tent for your Dodge Ram since the tent you pick will have to fit within certain weight guidelines depending on your vehicle and where you plan to drive it. 

Size usually isn’t an issue as pretty much all roof top tents will nicely fit the roof diameters of most vehicles, especially the bigger ones like the Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Getting back to the roof weight limits. There are 2 weight limits that are important to take into account when picking your roof top tent. The first being dynamic weight.

Dynamic weight refers to the amount of weight you can support on the roof of your vehicle while it is in motion aka. when driving. For most large vehicles, this is about 165Ibs, but you can check your vehicle manual just to make sure if you’d like.

Dynamic weight is going to consist of the weight of your tent plus the weight of your load bars. This should preferably not go over that 165Ibs limit. 

Keep in mind since we are working with a pickup truck here we can go heavier as the cargo bed also serves as a mounting position and is usually the most popular as well as the recommended place to mount a rooftop tent on a truck. 

Since the cargo bed is more out of the wind and doesn’t interfere with the vehicle as much, you can load a heavier load back here as if you were to mount your roof top tent to the cab roof of your Dodge Ram.

Next is static weight, this refers to the amount of weight your vehicle can support on the roof or truck bed when parked. A good guideline for static weight is that it’s about 3x-5x more with some people even saying up to 10x more than the dynamic weight limit of your vehicle, so most people shouldn’t have anything to worry about here.

Keep in mind, you’ll still have to install a roof rack, load bars, or a truck rack to safely and securely mount your roof top tent. This may cost a bit extra if you don’t already have one or don’t have the right one.

For more information on roof weight capacities consider reading my comprehensive guide on the topic.

Top 5 Dodge Ram Roof Top Tents.

Here are the 5 best dodge ram roof top tents-

1. iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent.

The iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent is by far one of the best expandable hardshell roof top tents for your Dodge Ram pickup truck. Coming in at a weight of 160Ibs this roof top tent is very lightweight for the amount of size and features you get with it.

The iKamper Skycamp roof top tent can comfortably sleep up to 4 people and has a fast and trouble-free setup time of only 1 minute in total.

The entire roof top tent is secured in a tough, scratch-resistant, hardshell exterior designed for all of your off-road, overlanding, and road-trip adventures. The hardshell also comes with custom stainless steel locks which will ensure that your tent is always safely loaded inside.

Another huge bonus is the aerodynamics of the hard shell which ensures fluency and better fuel economics when you are driving.

The interior of the Skycamp features a fold-out king-size mattress made from thick high-quality memory foam ensuring that you get a sound night’s sleep while the nature around you chirps away throughout the night.

Furthermore, with this roof top tent, you’ll be able to enjoy premium views of the sky above you through the signature Skyview window that provides additional light by day and a view of the stars at night. The window can also allow for extra ventilation by rolling up the rainfly when not in use.

Talking about windows, the iKamper Skycamp offers 2 additional canopy windows consisting of 3 main elements, namely an inner see-through vinyl window, a mesh window, and also a polyester window which can be rolled up or turned into a canopy, allowing for extra air circulation.

In terms of the exterior of the tent itself, we’ll notice that the flooring is designed from a durable and slim honeycomb aluminum which is strong enough to support up to 1.8 tons of weight while the fabric of the tent is made from a 300GSM Poly-cotton canvas. Benefits to this fabric include a breathable fabric that keeps you dry while keeping condensation inside to a minimum as well as reducing wind-noise. The tent also features waterproof zippers as well as a rain fly for extra protection in stormy weathers.

Overall, the iKamper Skycamp roof top tent is definitely one of the most comprehensive and complete roof top tents available and will be perfect for mounting on the cargo bed of your Dodge Ram truck.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

2. Roofnest Falcon XL Roof Top Tent.

If you are looking for a compact and spacious roof top tent look no further than the Roofnest Flacon XL. Also coming in at a weight of 160Ibs this roof top tent is less than 7” tall when closed with additional accessory channels on all four sides capable of attaching awnings and other tent add-ons. It also features an optional set of crossbars capable of carrying bikes, kayaks, skis, etc.

The interior of the tent comes in at about 35 square feet with 60” of vertical height allowing to effortlessly sleep 2 to 3 adults inside. Additionally, set-up time is quick and easy ensuring that you are able to set up camp in no time and get right to the good parts of your trip.

In terms of construction, the Roofnest Flacon XL features strong aluminum honeycomb sheets surrounding the exterior of the tent for maximum durability and strength while the bottom sheet is reinforced with aluminum crossbars and strong enough to support up to 650Ibs of weight.

The tent itself is designed from a polyurethane-coated polyester cotton blend fabric. This allows for heavy-duty tent walls with a 3000mm waterproof rating that will dim wind-noise and provide optimal warmth.

Something that I really like about the Roofnest roof top tents is the window and doorway design. The tent has 3 windows which can all serve as doorway entry points. They all feature a mesh screen and zip closure on either side and can be turned into a small awning with the included poles.

For accessing your chosen doorway entry point you receive a 8.5 foot telescoping collapsible ladder ensuring easy access. This ladder can also be attached to the edge of your Roofnest tent if desired. 

Once you are inside your Roofnest Falcon tent you’ll notice a large built-in 7cm foam mattress ensuring maximal comfort when sleeping or relaxing inside your roof top tent. 

All in all, this is a really great roof top tent for your Dodge Ram with lots of excellent features and specs packed in. Seeing as this roof top tent is on the heavier side of things I recommending mounting it on the cargo bed of your Dodge Ram.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

3. Offroading Gear Granville III Roof Top Tent.

So far the tents we’ve covered have been on the larger and heavier side of things while some of you might just be looking for something small and lightweight coming in at a more affordable price.

If that sounds like you then the Granville III Roof Top Tent is a great option, coming in at a weight of only 96Ibs and sleeping up to 2 adults, this roof top tent is one of the lightest on the market making it perfect for mounting either on the cab of your Dodge Ram or on the cargo bed- whichever you prefer.

And make no mistake, this tent still packs a lot of quality and punch for its size and price, featuring a rugged design with premium 420D Polyester Oxford material made to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough winds. 

The tent features rugged 5/8″ aluminum tent poles with stainless steel hinges ensuring optimal structural strength and stability. 

The Granville III roof top tent can be accessed via the 6.5 foot collapsible aluminum ladder that comes along while on the inside you’ll be able to relax on a comfortable and quality 2.25’ thick foam mattress that comes included with your tent.

Also included is a shoe bag for storing your dirty shoes on the outside of the tent upon entering as well as all of the necessary hardware and accessories for mounting your roof top tent, making the installation process feel like a breeze. 

Overall, this is a very nice and compact roof top tent coming in at a good price and packing a nice punch in terms of quality and specs.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

4. Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 Roof Top Tent.

The Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 Roof Top Tent is another larger sized and popular roof top tent coming in a good amount cheaper than the iKamper and Roofnest tents we discussed above. 

At a weight of 180Ibs this is certainly not the lightest roof top tent, nor is it the most compact, but nonetheless, it gets the job done, will fit your Dodge Ram nicely, and can accommodate up to 3 adults. 

The Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 roof top tent is secured to a strong diamond plate base with the actual tent being constructed from high-quality 360G stitched fabric and featuring a 3/4″ aluminum internal frame capable of withstanding strong winds and stormy weathers.

While on the road, your roof top tent will be secured in a 1000D PVC travel cover ensuring maximal durability and sturdiness. 

For accessing your roof top tent there is an 8.6-foot foldable ladder while on the inside you’ll locate a 2.5” foam mattress guaranteeing a good night’s sleep out in the wilderness.

Internal storage includes extra-large internal pockets, gear anchor points, as well as bedding straps. 

In terms of the view, the Tepui Ruggedized Kukenam 3 roof top tent offers built-in SKY panels allowing for spectacular views of the stars at night and blue skies in day time. 

Overall, this is a really solid roof top tent with some nice features, a good build, and a fair price for what you get. It is slightly heavier in terms of weight, so make sure that you mount this tent to the cargo bed as well as making sure that your roof rack can accommodate it in the first place.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-

5. Raptor Series 100000-126800 Voyager Roof Top Tent.

Lastly we have the Raptor Series 100000-126800 roof top tent. This is another very solid roof top tent coming in at a nice mid range weight of 159Ibs. At this weight you’re ideally going to want to mount it on the cargo bed of your Dodge Ram, but mounting it on the cab is still possible if you would prefer that.

The Raptor Series Voyager roof top tent sleeps 2 adults, has a load capacity of up to 750Ibs and features a double foam mattress on the inside to spend the night and relax in comfort. 

This roof top tent features a very nice exterior design that sets up in no time and creates natural aerodynamics that will be able to withstand heavy winds and shed away rainwater. Also, the tent creates an automatic awning when unfolded creating a nice panoramic view from your tent.

For accessing your Voyager roof top tent you receive a heavy duty 8 foot aluminum ladder while on the inside you will find yourself in a spacious area with 2 additional hanging shoe and storage pockets that can be folded away if required. 

Once you are done and packed up just secure your roof top tent in its heavy duty cover that will keep it neatly protected and stored away when driving or not in use. All in all this is a nice roof top tent for your Dodge Ram coming in at a budget price point and packing some nice features.

Roof Top Tent Specifications-


Mounting a roof top tent to your Dodge Ram pickup truck is sure to make it a great vehicle for all of your off-road and vehicle camping adventures. We recommend picking up an iKamper or Roofnest if possible as these tents offer the most in terms of quality, specs, and size.

That said, the other options are great as well. If you find that your vehicle can’t support one of the heavier tents mentioned in this article, consider opting for a smaller tent or upgrading your roof rack if applicable. Also, keep in mind iKamper and Roofnest design smaller tents if you prefer to opt for one of those models.


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